Monte Comino is reachable on foot from 6 different sides of the mountain. The walking trails are secure and clearly labeled.
The mountain which is separated in two parts by the creek «Rì della Segna» is located in the region of Madonna della Segna, where there is a nice church built in the 17th century. The church is the beginning and endpoint of the hiking trail to Mosogno in the valley of Onsernone. A small distance behind the church Madonna della Segna you find a turf pit. Continuing along the creek «Rì della Segna» to the right you reach the small village of Verdasio which has many historical buildings. Take the path to the left pass through the two restaurants and the mountain station of the cable car and you will be on the hiking trail on which you will reach Corcapolo, Calezzo, Costa or Intragna in 2-3 hours. The trail to Dröi offers a spectacular view of the Centovalli valley, allowing you to see as far as the Lago Maggiore or the Monte Rosa. In Dröi you can also take the hiking trails in direction of Calascio or Selna which will both lead you to Intragna. Another option is leaving Dröi to the north, crossing the thick beech tree forest, passing by Metri and finally arriving in Calascio.

A bit more challenging is taking a hike into the higher parts of the valley. The hiking trail to Pizzo Ruscada (2004m above sea level) begins behind the church Madonna della Segna. You ascend to Pizzit (offering a panoramic view) and continue to Alpe Pescia Lunga. To the right the path continues in direction of Pizzo Ruscada, to the left the path takes you to Saorée, Lionza, Borgnone and Camedo.