Cà du Papa 2 (Casa Reto)  

Our Rustico was completely refurbished in 1998. It is located only 3 minutes from the mountain station (turn right at the exit and follow the hiking trail to Dröi). The Rustico is the first house you will see on the hiking trail. A small funicular transporting the luggage of our guests stops in the vicinity of the Rustico. Outside you will find a nice lawn for sunbathing, a large stone table and a place for grilling.

Ground floor
The living space is located in the ground floor including a modern kitchen with a gas stove, oven and refrigerator with a small freezer as well as a fireplace, shower room and a storage room.

The 2. floor
has two two-bed bedrooms under the roof. One of the rooms offers a beautiful view of Locarno and the alp landscape all the way to Monte Rosa.

In Monte Comino there is no electricity. Therefore, we have installed a modern solar power system, which produces 220-volts electricity. Nevertheless, the use of electricity is limited and not all household appliances may be used, as the capacity of the battery would quickly be exhausted (e.g. the use of hairdryers is not permitted). The production of warm water is centralized with a gas system. In the storage room we provide for a stock of firewood. Aside from the fully equipped Rustico, the rental price also includes the bedding, bath and hand towels as well as kitchen towels. The rental price is quoted per day and includes the usage of gas, firewood, solar energy and the visitor′ s tax levied for all visitors above 14 years of age.

For our guests the cooperative which operates the cable car provides train tickets at a reduced price.