Casa al Cücch      

Position: to 10 Km to the west of Locarno on the road of the Centovalli towards Domodossola/Sempione/Vallese. The common one of Intragna is found at the beginnig of the Centovalli, subdivided in several fractions; it counts approximately 1′000 inhabitants, a time to agricultural vocation.
With its bell tower of beyond 65 meters (highest of the Ct. You), the regional Museum, a remarkable net of paths very held and signal to you are goal of numerous tourists.
To Intragna there is the mail (with postomat inside), the Bank Raiffeisen, with Automatic teller, one tea bakery/room, the butcher, a store of alimentary kinds, some restaurants. In summer the bath in the Melezza can be made, walking approximately 15 minuteren.


It is found to the flat land of our bifamiliar house in zone To the Cücch. And' raggiungibile in 5 minuteren by means of a comfortable path, in direction of Battery. For the transport of goods and the baggages we have one cableway. At call we put on hand to Fr. 5. - to the day a box for the car. For relatively long stays there is also the possibility to rent near common a parking in the multi-level garage.
The apartment is made up of 3 premises: kitchen/tinello, matrimoniale bedroom, second room with 2 beds; bath/shower, washbasin and WC; wine cellar, covered terrace; we find ourselves dipped entire in the green!